What can you expect from us on your first session with a Personal Trainer? 

We have designed our first session to be able to get to know you and what you want from your fitness journey. It will include some paperwork with a verbal consultation, this is so we can find out what you like/dislike and what your wanting to achieve.

Kirkby Stephen 1-1 Personal Training fat loss

Personal Training

1-1 Sessions Fat Loss

Fat loss can often be an emotive topic. With the vast array of celebrity diets and latest exercise fads continually plaguing the media, it is no wonder so many women are failing to achieve their fat loss goals.

If you are looking for a fat loss programme that will cut through all the misinformation and provide you with exactly what YOU need to get the results YOU want, then let our personal trainers show you exactly how to achieve the body of your dreams.

You’re unique

Off the shelf diet books and generic nutrition advice will quickly see that inevitable fat loss plateau rearing its ugly head. Inspiration

Working out in our private facility your personal trainer will vigilantly guide you through every session. Our positive and focused gym environment coupled with personal trainers who truly practice what they preach will install the confidence you need, providing additional motivation to push through your workouts.

Book in now to start your fat loss journey.

Kirkby Stephen 1-1 Personal Training cardio workout

1-1 Fitness Class

Cardio Collective

30 minutes 50% off Now £5

Gentle cardio workout taken at your own pace, followed by toning and stretching exercise

Kirkby Stephen 1-1 Personal Training Total Body Conditioning

1-1 Fitness Class

Total Body Conditioning 30 minutes 50% off Now £5

An all over body workout of muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance.

Kirkby Stephen 1-1 Personal Training Muscle Building

Personal Training

1-1 Sessions Muscle Building

If like many of our personal training clients you are looking for a programme that will build a stronger, fitter more athletic body, then CJH Fitness will provide everything you need.

Our private Cumbrian personal training facility will be a breath of fresh air for those fed up with cardio filled, overcrowded commercial gyms, and the training environment at CJH Fitness is perfect for those who wish to experience the results our fully qualified personal trainers offer on a 1-1 basis.

Whether it’s a shirt splitting set of arms, firmer rounder glutes, shapely shoulders or a granite grating six pack you’re after, our personal trainers will take an extremely scientific approach to your muscle and strength programme.

Considering factors such as myofibril and sarcoplasmic hypertrophy we use our vast amount of hands on experience to ensure every detail of your personal training sessions are executed with precision.

Book your session now to realise your potential.