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Personal trainers

What to expect from a personal trainer and F.A.Q

Is it worth getting a personal trainer?

Yes, especially if you are new to the gym or training or have a specific training goal. Personal trainers keep you accountable and motivate you to push yourself further than you can alone.

What are the benefits of having a personal trainer?

Push your limits: Personal trainers are passionate about what they do, they can also motivate and challenge you to push your limits.

Design a training programme: Personal trainers will create and design a tailored programme to suit your needs and goals. They will also monitor and adapt your plan based on your progress.

Hold you accountable: Sometimes the toughest part of the plan is getting to the gym/studio. It is harder to cancel if you have a personal trainer there waiting for you.

Teaching you correct form: It is a personal trainers job to explain and guide you through the moves/exercises so you have great form. If you are new to working out then getting the form right is a vital part.

How long should i have a personal trainer for?

How long you need a personal trainer for depends on your goals. Have a talk with a personal trainer about their different packages and agree a timeframe upfront. You can normally get a discount for block bookings

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